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This side of Richmond doesn't have a whole heck of a lot for the railfan to see, especially if you're not a fan of airplanes.

Even if you're not into signals per se, the old C&O cantilever mounted signals at Charles City Road make for a nice picture, and since they are a dying breed, you should make an effort to come here.

In looking at Bing maps, there still seems to be a fair bit of local freight operations servicing things like lumber yards

Probably the largest concentration of hotels close to the downtown area is along Williamsburg Road.  And I heard that the Arby's along this stretch is the largest volume Arby's in the U.S.A., but that was here-say (at any rate, it's a right nice place to eat).  There are also lots of hotels in the Midlothian area, but they are not as convenient to the majority of railroad attractions.

I wouldn't normally do a map for an area with so little railroad stuff, but I had this map laying around from years ago when I used to come to Richmond to visit a customer just south of Company 14.  If you get to travel for your job, and you're into trains, hopefully you get some spare time to get in a little railfanning as I did.

Also, because of the above fact, the map is not laid out as you would view it on a map.... as I "squared" everything up on the original.  When I updated the map, I corrected some of the "squareness", but in order to save time in redrawing the whole map, Williamsburg Road is still drawn as being straight and due east-west.  So, to help you orient yourself, I've included a map of the area "snagged" from bing.

Getting Here:

From the downtown Richmond area, you have several choices.  If you like doing the highway thing, you can take I-64 east and get off at either Laburnum (x195) or South Airport Drive (x197).

If you prefer the regular roads, take Main St east, it will jog to the right a little, and before you cross the tracks, Williamsburg Ave takes off to the left.  At Powhatan Park and Hatcher St, Williamsburg hangs a left and turns into Williamsburg Rd.

You can also take Broad St to Chimborazo Park, where you will pick up Government Rd, which will finally join up Williamsburg Road.

From north or south of Richmond (within reason), take I-295 and get off at exit 28a, US60/Williamsburg Road.



     1          The Virginia Aviation Museum

Cool museum.... notice the Blackbird SR-71.


Only one set of signals worth tracking down on this map.

   1        CSX (ex C&O) Signals

A classic cantilever bridge, C&O style, on the backside of the Richmond Airport where CSX crosses Charles City Road.





Richmond Airport

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