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3 Yards and the Old Dominion Rwy Museum

In General
Fire & Police


In General

Three of the areas yards are on this map, as well as the area's only railroad attraction: the Old Dominion Railway Museum. 

  The museum should be open by now after having some work done on it starting last fall (2010).  It is open on Saturdays (11am-4pm) and Sundays (1pm-4pm). More info on the museum and the Richmond chapter of the NRHS is here: http://www.odcnrhs.org/Museum.htm

Getting Here:

From the downtown Richmond area you have a number of choices.  If you like doing the highway thing, you can take I-95 south and get off at exit 73.

By regular road from the downtown area, you can cross the river on 9th Street, 14th Street, or S Belvidere St (over the Robert E. Lee bridge).  On the "other side of the river, 9th St turns into Commerce Rd, 14th St turns into Hull St, and Belvidere turns into Cowardin Ave and the Jefferson Davis Hwy.

Cowardin is convenient to NS's South Richmond yard, and 14th/Hull Streets takes you right by the Old Dominion Rwy Museum.

Norfolk Southern's local office is off the end of McDonough St as you come off the 9th Street bridge onto Commerce.


For the map in PDF form, click here


     6          CSX's Fulton Yard

This was a former C&O yard, and is located on the south eastern side of Richmond.


     9          The Old Dominion Railway Museum

The museum is housed in a former Southern Railway station on the south side of Richmond.  When I stopped by last August (2011) with my daughter and her family, they were still working on the museum for it's grand opening.  Many thanks to them for letting us take a quick tour!





     10          NS's South Richmond Yard

     12          CSX's South Yard & the Goodes St Crossing

This grade crossing is adjacent to a short section of flood wall, and at the very north end of South Yard.


    Looking north.

      Looking south into the yard.

      This branch darts under I-95 and follows Deepwater Terminal Rd.



   1        CSX Signals

These two N-S signals protect a small crossing with a small NS branch.  The NS tracks don't appear to be signaled.



   2        SB CSX Color Light Signal

The following two pictures show that CSX has replaced the 2 C&O type signals on a cantilever bridge with a new single mast mounted color light signal :-(
Pictures are taken off of Gordon St, where it curves around by the tracks to 4th St.

      Looking south.       Looking north.


Fire and Police

Fire Station 13 - South Richmond

For now, Station 13 houses the oldest and newest equipment in Richmond.  Rescue 3 is the newest, they received it earlier this year.  The Hazardous Materials Unit is the oldest in service piece, dating back to either 1984 or 1987.



After taking all of the other signal pictures on this page, and as I was heading out to Richmond proper, I saw the engines from Station 13 way ahead of me.  I finally caught up to them on the bridge over the James River.


CSX's Bridge over the St James River

This small bridge comes from the immediate downtown area, and heads to South Yard.


Maury St Crossing under I-95

The huge gates are flood control gates in case the James River decides to overflow it's banks.  You can find them all over the place, and the north side of the river in the downtown area has almost one continuous wall.


Maury St Crossing by 1st St


Under I-95

Interesting view looking north under I-95 from Maury St

Retention Park and the Richmond Slave Trail

The Park was just dedicated this past April of 2012, nice view of the city from atop the wall.  The Slave Trail lets you walk along the south side of the James River.


Pipe Detail

The railroad tracks, being in the middle of a tank farm, goes over a bunch of piping for them.  Here's a detail shot on the north side.

Manhole and Cover

You don't see many like this!

Abandoned industrial tracks - by Dinwiddie and Commerce

The tracks go up along the "northern" side of Dinwiddie and served many business' along there.


Underpass off of Gordon St, going under CSX

Trucking companies

Ward Trucking and Xtra have terminals here.


Back in downtown

Stopped here on the way out, will move to the other page one of these days :-)  The MOW truck was the only thing I saw moving during my short visit.


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