Todd's Railfan Guide to
Main St Station, Rivanna Junc, the viaduct,
AND the Triple Crossing

Getting Here
Fire & Police


The Richmond Guide is divided up into the following sections:
     Overall Guide and General Information
     Map 1 - Downtown Richmond - Main Street Station and the Triple Crossing - this page
     Map 2 - Acca Yard, AY, and the Amtrak Station
     Map 3 - South Richmond - S Richmond Yard and the Old Dominion Rwy Museum
     Map 4 - East Richmond - Sandston and the Airport

Getting Here

From the north or south, exit 74c looks like your best bet.

Coming in from the west or east on I-64, take 95 south to exit 74, or if you're coming in from the east around the Sandston and airport area, you can take the leisurely route in via US60/Williamsburg Rd which will take you by the old C&O Fulton yard.

When you arrive to the downtown area, you will be greeted by one of the prettiest Victorian style depots around, America's only "three level" crossing, and a viaduct that offers the railfan an almost unlimited variety of photo ops.

While you're in the downtown area, you should at least drive by the capitol building and take a gander, and then check out the Confederate Capitol building a few blocks away.

One fire station and one police station are in the area too.

Of note, the interchange between I-95 and the Downtown expressway rivals something in New York City because of where it had to be squeezed in along the shores of the James River and the downtown build-up.


For the map in PDF form, click here


     1          The Main Street Station

Richmond's Main Street Station was built in 1901 by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway and the Seaboard Air Line Railroad.  The SAL offering new service to Richmond, and the C&O was consolidating the operations of two older stations (from railroads they had snapped up) into this station.  The Seaboard moved it's passenger operations to the Broad Street Station in the 50's, while the C&O continued to use this facility until Amtrak took over passenger service in 1971.  After Hurricane Agnes came through in 1972, Amtrak moved it's operations to a suburban station in 1975.  The station suffered two fires in 1976 and 1983.  It was subsequently renovated.



  Rear view of the train shed

    Bridge on the north side of the station

     Shots from the highways over the station, and no, I was not driving :-)

     2          At the Triple Crossing

A long, long time favorite spot of American Railfans for pictures is this unique spot.  If you look around the internet, you will see the many variations of trains passing through here, and the numerous times the three former railroads made the effort to get three trains in position for a promo shot (meanwhile tying up the railroads :-)

Since they put in the flood walls and gates, and Riverwalk, it has become challenging to get good pictures of trains on the ground level.


     3          Rivanna Junction

It's difficult to get really decent pictures of trains at the junction because of where the junction is located - UP!  Sunset time from the north side is definitely NOT a good time to shoot here.


Fire and Police

Fire Station #1 - 24th and Broad
Engine Co #1, Engine Co #2, Truck Co #2

As luck would have it, I happened to stop by on a day it looks like they were having an all department meeting! :-)







The Police Station at 5th and Cary



The Virginia State Capitol Building


The White House of the Confederacy Capitol Building
Nestled away amongst the high rise buildings of modern Richmond, is another great historical treasure of Richmond!


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