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For now, I just put together something very quickly to show you where the station and yard is in Providence, and where a few of the signals are.

Electrification on the NEC from New Haven to Boston, which includes Providence, was started in 1996, and finished on January 31st, 2000.  As such, if you look at the support poles for the catenary, you will notice (especially on the south side of the station where two sidings come off the main), that the poles are placed to accommodate the freight track.

The pictures below are in order from north to south, and concentrate on the immediate station area.

The Amtrak 40th Birthday Train will be in town July 30th and 31st!  My page for it is here and Amtrak's page is here

Providence Yard

Overall view of the station area.

Second set of signals north of the station.

The signals are for SB trains and control the interlocking before entering the station area.

First set of signals north of the station.

This set of signals are for NB trains and control the interlocking after leaving the station area where we go from 5 tracks through the station to two tracks for the Northeast Corridor, and one for freight.

     1          The Amtrak Station

First set of signals south of the station.

As SB trains exit the short underground section, the tracks have already been reduced from 5 to 3.  The R-O-W is between Harris Ave and the Huntington Expy, and this set of signals is just south of the Dean St overpass.  It is the first set of signals for SB trains out in the open after leaving the station (sorry, the picture below says NB/SB).

Second signal location south of the station.

This is a lone color light signal for freights wanting access to the main.

Third set of signals south of the station.

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