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Greenwich Yard


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This was originally a Pennsy yard, and then we all know the history from there: Penn Central, Conrail, and then it became part of the Shared Assets thing in the Conrail split-up of 1999.  The yard is located in southeast Philly, off the I95 corridor.  Take the South Broad St exit (exit 17), go north a couple of thousand feet to Pattison Ave, and hang a right.  The yard entrance is located off the south end of 11th St (the first intersection on Pattison off of S Broad St), but as usual, going into the yard is usually not a good idea these days.  Towards the east end of Pattison, there are a number of crossings to service local business'.  I would also avoid the area on any day there is an Eagles game!  Pattison swings around to the north at the end of the yard, and follows the railroad action as it turns into Christopher Columbus Blvd, and if you're lucky, you may find something running in the middle of the halves of the CC Blvd.  You can also go south on Broad St, to League Island Blvd, and then to Patrol Rd for shots from the other side, depending on the sun.  Going one more block south on Broad St to Langley, offers shots from the tracks leading in Greenwich, and a small intermodel yard there.  CP units have been seen there in the past, but I don't know if they still come into town.  The top map is from Google Maps, the rest are from www.bing.com/maps

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