Todd's Railfan Guide to
the BSME



In General

Location / Name:
     The BSME - Baltimore Society of Model Engineers
     Baltimore MD

What's Here:
     Operating O and HO gauge layouts.


     GPS Coordinates: 39.292831,-76.619108

     225 W Saratoga St, Baltimore, MD 21201
     (410) 837-2763


Access by train/transit:

     Light Rail and Metro Lexington Market stops.


The Scoop:

The BSME has a lot of "stuff" in their collection, but most noteworthy, at least for the signal fan, is a dwarf semaphore, which they have rigged up with a switch to change aspects.  They also have a few coach lanterns hanging around. 

Signals tho, are not the reason to go to the BSME, trains are..... 

They have both an HO and O gauge layout.  They recently converted the HO side to DCC.....

The BSME is Baltimore's oldest model engineer society, dating back to 1932.  It is the 2nd oldest model engineer society in the country, but the oldest devoted exclusively to trains!

During Late December and the first few weeks of January, they are open to the public, as well as the 2nd Sunday of every month except for May.

They are always looking for new members if you want to be involved and run your equipment on something other than a 4x8! 

Their website is located here.

Thanks to Jim Berg, BSME public relations dude, for the above information.

  This is what you get when you Google "BSME Baltimore".

Getting Here

The maps below should help you get here with help from the address and GPS data above.

The Layouts


The O gauge side.



The HO side.

In and Outside the BSME

     Outside on the street.

              Railroad heralds all over the place.

          Misc stuff around the BSME.

        Whistle and bell from a Pennsy K-4 steamer.

        The light rail runs on Howard Street, a half a block away.

    An old fire alarm box on the foundation of an adjoining building.


The semaphore... it usually greets visitors on a landing halfway up to the layout floor.  Notice it was originally set up to use an oil lamp for illumination.





An unknown coach lantern, with detail of the levers to change the lens color.



A B&O coach lantern.


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