Todd's Railfan Guide to

the area South of downtown Baltimore City
Curtis Bay, Brooklyn, and some Westport

In General
Getting Here
Station by Station
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In General

The map below shows the south side of Baltimore.  Not much going on in this part of Baltimore unless you are into yards.  There's Curtis Bay Yard, with it's car shops on the north end and west side.  Seawall Yard sees a lot of auto-racks from ships unloading on the north side of 895.

On the south side of Curtis Bay yard, are electric mules used to load coal onto ships, but they have been behind fences for years.... best you could do is to go telephoto.

Curtis Bay is easy to get to from the Canton side of the Harbor via the Harbor Tunnel Thruway (895), from Westport, and downtown where Riverside yard is located.  Not much more than 10 minutes away during off rush hour periods. 

There used to be one local a day going over the swing bridge, but I haven't been down here in years to be able to confirm this is still happening.  This swing bridge is one of three in the Baltimore area.  Of the two other bridges, only one is used, and is between Penn Mary and Grays yards on the east side.  The other (at the very top of the map) is on the old Western Maryland between Westport and Port Covington, and is in the permanently open position since those tracks are long gone :-(

Getting Here

Depending on where you are coming from, there are a number of ways to get to these yards.

If you are on the eastern side of Baltimore on the "other" side of the Bay in Sparrows Point (for instance), you want to get on the Beltway heading south, and then (pay to) cross the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

From downtown Baltimore, Hanover Street would be the quickest way.

If you're coming from the south, you CAN NOT get off of 895, so you'll have to come up Ritchie Highway.

If you're coming up I-95 from the south, take the Patapsco Ave ext, the first exit on the inside of the Beltway, 695, and then head south.


The above map in PDF format is here


    1      ex B&O BX Tower


    2      CSX Curtis Bay Yard


    3       CSX Car Shops

    4      ex Western Maryland Spring Garden Swing Bridge

The shot below shows where the line over to Port Covington used to connect to what is here now.

    5      CSX Seawall  Yard

    6      CSX Coal Pier

    7      CSX Swing Bridge #8A

    < Pictures submitted by Steve Corfman         

    8      CSX Davidson Yard



    1      Single Aspect CPL Signal

Not many of these fellas around.  There used to be a warehouse next to it, as can be seen from photos, it was torn down maybe in the 2007 or so timeframe.



    2      CSX - Light Rail Interlocking


    3      Curtis Bay Interlocking

All of these pictures were taken in 2007.  They were replaced by colorlight signals in early 2013.





            The signal to the left is shown below

      A kerosene type heating pot for keeping snow and ice out of the turnouts.

      A NB freight, taken just north of the interlocking along Patapsco Ave.

   SB into Curtis Bay, taken from the Ritchie Hwy overpass.

New 05/13/2007
Last Modified 09/22/2013